Maps - where would we be without them?

The Car Free Walks website is run as a 'labour of love'

March 2014 - 

We make no personal profit from it and are content with the warm glow of satisfaction when things go well and people tell us we do a good job. It also gives us an excuse to get out and explore the countryside and to buy lots of lovely paper maps to help us find our way when we get there.

As I sit here typing this, behind on the bookshelf lie a stack of maps, each with its own story of rips and stains of bygone adventures. A couple are crisp and clean having never left the house - telling a story of plans that never quite came to fruition.

The shelves are new, the maps recently reorganised with care into number order, scale, manufacturer and country. The ordering won't last as I love to lend the maps out to friends and family, sending them as tokens on adventures of their own to come back a little less new and a bit more seasoned.

On the subject of maps, we have an 'affiliate' arragement with Ordnance Survey whereby every time someone purchases one of their maps through our site a little percentage of the price finds its way back into the CFW coffers to help us do more of what we do. You'll see a link to the Ordnance Survey online shop display with each walk - we'd love you to use it!

Our arrangement with Ordnance Survey means we also get to find out about some of their special limited edition offers. Keep an eye out on this page and follow us on Twitter for the latest deals.