We support

Car Free Walks promotes the idea that people can enjoy the countryside in a responsible manner.

It's not rocket science - we just want to help people look after this lovely island we all share.

Here are other walking and outdoors groups doing great work of their own. Please get in touch with your suggestions for any other campaigns or organisations that we could mention:

Walkers are Welcome is a growing collection of towns and villages across Britain who have demonstrated their commitment to making your visit an enjoyable one.

Good Journey promotes car-free travel to visitor attractions and venues around the UK.

British Mountaineering Council works for climbers, hillwalkers and mountaineers in England and Wales.

Mountaineering Council of Scotland also represents mountaineers, and climbing and hill walking enthusiasts in Scotland.

Mountain Bothies Association maintains remote buildings for which the owner has little or no use, yet remain important to walkers and others who make use of the shelter that they provide.

National Trust care for some of Britain's most beautiful places to take a walk. Whether you're looking for a gentle stroll or an energetic hike, there are countless places to explore.

Sometimes we hear about a particular individual or group who are also trying to do something positive to protect the environment. So we list them here in the hope that you might take an interest in their campaigns and offer your support.

Save Our Buses Campaign - Government spending cuts could have a devastating effect on our vital bus services. The Campaign for Better Transport has launched this campaign to defend local bus services from further damaging funding cuts. The Car Free Walks team encourage all of our users to get involved.

Walking for Health is a group for everyone with an interest in walking for health. They offer information, support and encouragement to complete beginners, existing walkers and health and leisure professionals.

World Carfree Network  brings together organisations and individuals dedicated to promoting alternatives to car dependence and automobile-based planning at the international level. By joining as a member, you will help to promote car-free thinking.

Roads to Nowhere is a campaign from the Campaign for Better Transport. They’re monitoring new road plans across the UK and keeping in touch with local campaigns to stop them. Explore their interactive map to see if any of the proposals are in your area, and find out if you can help.

Gift Your Gear collects unwanted but usable outdoor kit and passes it on to community organisations, youth groups and charities for them to use. This gives people who may not be able to afford expensive kit the chance to enjoy the outdoors safely. Recycle Outdoor Gear do something similar, offering a forum for people to sell or donate old gear, and for others to make requests for kit.