A Walk? How hard can it be?

It has been said that a walk resembles the length of a piece of string when it comes to difficulty.

July 2017 - 

Many members of Car Free Walks have mentioned that the difficulty system we introduced in January was slightly tilted towards the rather very sporty bunch of walkers. After much deliberation, some pints and a flapjack we decided it was time to act. 

And we did. The algorithm calculating walk difficulty is now a bit more sensibly tuned towards the occassional walker, so: get your walking sticks out, put the boots on and see if it is now more in line with your expectations - and let us know!

All walks are now basically "more difficult": those which were leisurely bordering on moderate are now moderate, the moderate ones bordering on strenuous are now strenuous and so on. One thing has not changed, however: make sure to grab a pint at the end of a beautiful walk.